Need For Speed 2022 Map and Gameplay Screenshots Leaked

After many years, I'm finally hyped for a Need For Speed game!

April 24, 2022

Need For Speed 2022 map might hype you up for the revival of the series after the recent flops.

Since the beginning of the last generation of consoles Need For Speed series started a down-going path with Ghost Games. Every new entry was worse than its predecessor, and you can’t deny EA’s forceful in-game purchases in pushing the franchise far away from its origins.

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That being said, Need For Speed Heat was a small step forward from Ghost Games that eventually brought the series closer to the right track. However, it was the last Need For Speed game by Ghost Games. The upcoming title from the franchise, which is rumored to be available this year, has been developed by Criterion Games, the same team that brought Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for us.


Need For Speed 2022 Features a Huge Map With Various Environment Types

While there is no official information on Need For Speed 2022 yet, an insider managed to leak a few screenshots from the game, including the full map of the game’s world, which looks to be surprisingly big.

The map for the upcoming Need For Speed features a big downtown area, which is going to be called Lake Shore City. On the other hand, the map features some small cities and many many roads and highways that could be ideal for multiple types of racing.

It’s yet to be seen whether the game would feature Offroad racing similar to Need For Speed Payback or not, but the map’s expansive scale suggests a wide variety of gameplay options.

Other than the map, the leak also shared two in-game screenshots, but they are too blurry to be worthy of checking out.

Need For Speed 2022 is supposed to be revealed and launched this year by Electronic Arts.

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