Need for Speed Autolog 2.0 Detailed

Need for Speed Autolog 2.0 Detailed

Today Criterion has released new information about the new Autolog 2.0 that will be featured in Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Autolog 2.0 will record what players do in the game and broadcast their top scores, fastest times, and best speeds to their friends to challenge them to set better scores. It will feature a live feed, known as Autolog Recommends, that will post the biggest news from friends and have players try to top their scores. There will also be the ability for players to work with the pick off play recommendation list to gain bragging rights one challenge at a time and rub it in friends faces.

Autolog 2.0 will allow players to focus on specific friends who are playing the game and form true rivalries. by customizing recommendations, players can control the frequency of messages they receive from friends that are playing the game.

While traversing the city, the game will feature call outs when driving around the streets to inform players about what friends may have records on that street, similar to Burnout Paradise. Players will also work on racking up Need for Speed points that will help them move up on their list of friends to be at the top. Also in Autolog 2.0 is the Dreamshot system that lets players share snapshot moments of when they beat their friends records.

Fans of Need for Speed and Burnout Paradise are going to want to keep an eye out for this game and look forward to competing against friends to be the most wanted.