Need for Speed Community Podcast and Coke Offer

I guess the Need For Speed franchise wanted to kill the meme over 9000, and they definitely achieved that. Last week, it was announced that Need For Speed sold over 100,000,000 (one hundred million), so take THAT Vegeta! As a podcast fanatic, who not only records a weekly podcast, but listens to over 15 different podcasts, I decided to listen to the special Need For Speed Community Podcast (follow link here, it will open it in iTunes) that celebrates the legendary landmark of 100 million units sold, a club which includes Mario (210 million), Pokemon (193 million), Tetris (125 million), and The Sims (100 million). Andy Blackmore, the Vehicle Styling Director, also joins in and talks about his experience with NFS since joining EA in 1999. It is definitely a good listen.

Also, a note to all of you that drink Coke, using the My Coke Rewards program, you can earn the Coke Zero Dodge Viper SRT10 for Need For Speed Shift. I would definitely recommend that if you can get your hands on some caps from coke bottles. If you like Pepsi more than Coke, then you are what’s wrong with America, just wanted to put that out there.

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