Need For Speed: Shift TV Spot

Need For Speed: Shift TV Spot

Need for Speed used to be one of my favorite racing titles, especially right after the first Fast and the Furious movie dropped. The games allowed you to customize/tune your whip, drift around race tracks and drag race in the streets, but it seemed to get a bit repetitive after a few iterations after the first Underground. Shift which is the newest title in the series looks to make things fresh again. Check out this TV spot, which shows real in game footage of a race from the cockpit of one fast car and you can really get a sense of the speed in the game. I like the cut scenes that show the inner workings of the driver as well, reminds me of some john Woo films. I wonder if in career mode your driver himself can take damage as well as your car, now that would be an interesting feature. The view form the cockpit looks amazing and is probably one of my favorite and most most challenging ways to play any racing video game, will you be riding in the cockpit or the third-person?

2 responses to “Need For Speed: Shift TV Spot”

  1. wiifan says:

    Why does this game pull up under Wii tab? This is PS360 HD only. I was excited to see the video regarding the Wii version.

  2. Al Zamora says:

    You are right the tag is incorrect, Shift is for the 360 and PS3.