Neil Druckmann Discusses the Inspiration Behind The Last of Us Part II’s Story

Neil Druckmann Discusses the Inspiration Behind The Last of Us Part II’s Story

In a new interview, Neil Druckmann discusses what inspired The Last of Us Part II's story.

In a new interview on the PlayStation Blog, The Last of Us Part II‘s creative director Neil Druckmann discusses what inspired the game’s story.

“I met with Ashley Johnson and I pitched her the idea for Left Behind. And I told her I had something else I was working on and I pitched her that idea,” Druckmann says. “So she’s there in the restaurant crying, and I’m thinking ‘I hope people don’t think I’m doing something horrible.’ But that’s the first time I remember having some strong idea.”


“That’s how it starts. It’s the kernel of an idea,” Druckmann continues. “Then you bring more people in and it becomes a shared vision. Video games are this collaborative medium and we all march towards this focused idea.”

Druckmann also mentions that he had an idea of how the beginning, middle, and end would play out back in 2013. He also mentions how Naughty Dog wants to treat violence as realistically as they can. Additionally, he mentions how enemies have names and if a fallen enemy has a friend, they may scream their name and become enraged in combat.

“We wanted to have whole sequences that you can be spotted, engage in some combat, and escape without clearing the area,” says Druckmann. “Likewise, we wanted to have way more sequences where you could ghost completely. It’s very challenging and very hard, but it’s possible to leave areas. Then there are certain situations where we want you engaged, we want you to partake in certain actions that are going to make you uncomfortable. But that’s a part of the narrative, that’s part of Ellie’s journey.”

The Last of Us Part II launches on February 21, 2020, exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game is available for preorder on Amazon now.

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