Neil Druckmann Has His Say on Players' Big The Last of Us Complaint

Naughty Dog's co-president claps back at a fan!

February 21, 2022

Naughty Dog Co-President, Neil Druckmann has clapped back at a fan on Twitter over complaints surrounding a change to Joel’s core values from The Last of Us: Part I to Part II.

The Last of Us: Part II is gradually approaching its second anniversary, but fans are still finding plenty to discuss surrounding that controversial moment from the hit sequel. Plus, with HBO’s The Last of Us series gearing up to release later this year, Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed game is still very much in the spotlight.

Although both The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Part II sit at near-perfect scores on metacritic, many fans took a huge disliking to certain elements of the sequel, forcing Neil Druckmann to give his thoughts on some of those decisions.

Be warned, if you haven’t played through The Last of Us: Part II, spoilers are ahead.

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Neil Druckmann Replies To Fan Criticism Regarding Joel In The Last of Us: Part II

As the Naughty Dog Co-President, Neil Druckmann will certainly get his fair share of backlash from The Last of Us fans.

Druckmann recently replied to a fan who took aim at him regarding changes made to Joel and his core values between The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Part II.

As many will likely know, Joel is brutally murdered in the sequel by Abby, the daughter of a doctor killed by Joel at the end of The Last of Us. However, one fan took an issue with Joel’s lack of awareness when entering the lodge where he meets his demise.

The fan sent Druckmann a meme comparing Joel between The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Part II, pointing out that he was an experienced survivor who never trusted strangers in the original game, only to go on to walk into a lodge full of strangers and be killed at the start of Part II.

As expected, Druckmann didn’t take too kindly to this comparison. He went on to reply with two points, the first being that Joel had no choice but to go into the lodge or he and Tommy would have been killed by the horde of zombies chasing them.

Secondly, he goes on to say “remember the stranger in the first game that Joel trusted and even fell asleep next to? Here’s a clue: he later left Joel and Ellie to die in order to protect his baby brother”. Druckmann is of course referencing the trust Joel had towards Henry and Sam in the first game.

Fans rushed to defend Druckmann with many pointing out that anyone actually paying attention to the story throughout both games would understand Joel’s decision making. What do you think about this fan complaint? Let us know in the comments below.

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