Nemesis Lockdown Is a Massive, Stand Alone Expansion to the Hit Board Game

Nemesis Lockdown is the new, stand-alone expansion to one of the highest-rated games on Board Game Geek.

Awaken Realms’ Nemesis is a thrilling semi-cooperative board game that tosses you and your teammates onto an infested spaceship. It quickly shot up the Board Game Geek charts due to its excellent gameplay and challenging choices. And now, the game is getting a great-looking, stand-alone expansion, Nemesis Lockdown.

The new expansion doesn’t require the base game but will work with almost all of the game’s previous content. You and up to four friends can jump into the “cinematic Sci-Fi horror” and choose to play in either semi or full co-op. This box comes jam-packed with cardboard. For $118 you’re getting a truckload of content to play through.

Somewhat interestingly, the Nemesis Lockdown Kickstarter is being run a little differently than your typical campaign. Most campaigns either have stretch goals based on money raised or do away with the process entirely. Awaken Realms is instead just having the stretch goals unlock every few days. This ensures everything makes it into the box and keeps the hype rolling as new stuff is revealed.

The team is also directly incorporating player feedback into the box. Even from day one, they’re letting fans vote on which alien race they’d like to see included in the game. It’s a fun way to drive interaction that you don’t see that often on Kickstarter.

Truly, this is one of the more innovative Kickstarter campaigns I’ve seen in a while. And it seems to be working with over $3 million pledged so far. Of course, part of that is the base game being so great, but still.

If you’re on the lookout for a new, massive board game, Nemesis Lockdown might be worth a look. The game is available on Kickstarter for just under three more weeks at the time of this writing. So, get over there and check it out.

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