Neo The World Ends With You Announced For PS4, Switch For Summer 2021

Neo The World Ends With You Announced For PS4, Switch For Summer 2021

Announced by Square Enix Creative Business Unit I, Neo The World Ends With You is a new Action JRPG coming to PS4 and Switch.

Square Enix revealed Neo The World Ends With You, or Neo Subarashiki Kono Sekai in Japanese, after a countdown. It’s a new action JRPG coming to PS4 and Switch in Summer 2021. A trailer was published and can be found below.

First off, the Square Enix site that had a countdown since November 17 has now turned into a teaser site for Neo the World Ends With You. The trailer also introduces multiple new characters.

  • Rindo voiced by Yuma Uchida.
  • Fret voiced by Chiharu Sawashiro.
  • Nagi voiced by Mina Katahira.
  • Minamimoto voiced by Takayuki Fujimoto.

The character design in Neo The World Ends With You is handled by Tetsuya Nomura, Gen Kobayashi, and Miki Yamashita.

These four looks to be our neo protagonists for this entry. However through the trailer the characters mentions the “Shinigami game”, Reaper’s game in English, and elements about surviving or getting “erased”. Multiple characters who seemingly are Reapers appear in the trailer as well. Everything is still set in Shibuya. Looks like the Noise monsters are still there as well as their badges too. At the end of the day, this new entry seems to have overall the same settings / lore as the original.

As for the battle system, it looks pretty similar to the original game as well, but with another depth now that it’s 3D. The badges are still there. Moreover, we have the four party members revealed above fighting together at the same time. Instead of only having Neku and another character. All four characters share the same HP bar.

Lastly, the trailer also features a certain character, Tsugumi Matsunae, who was appearing in The World Ends With You Final Remix (and Solo Remix beforehand). Minamimoto is also one of the Reapers from the past game. Meaning more characters from the previous game might appear.

The final scene of the trailer features Rindo talking about someone, saying he’ll definitely protect them and change fate.

Update: An English subtitled version of the trailer is available:

A Special illustration featuring Neku and Rindo was published as well. Earlier today, a new trailer for the TWEWY anime was shared.