NEOGEO X Gold Gets Limited Edition

NEOGEO X Gold Gets Limited Edition

Tommo, Inc. announced that the NEOGEO X Gold will be getting a Limited edition that will include a limited edition game card alongside the 20 games loaded onto the NEOGEO X Handheld. The Limited Edition will pack in this extra at no additional cost.

Early adopters will receive this version of the system when it is released on December 6, 2012. Ninja Master’s game care will be included for use with the handheld.

Ninja Master’s is a 2D fighting action game released in 1996 that features twelve playable characters to choose from. The game features both hand to hand and weapon based combat.

The NEOGEO X Gold Limited Edition includes:

  • NEOGEO X Handheld
  • NEOGEO X Station
  • One NEOGEO X Arcade Stick
  • 20 Pre-loaded Classic NEOGEO AES games
  • Ninja Master’s NEOGEO X Game Card

Fans of old school gaming will want to keep an eye out for the NEOGEO X Gold when it is released in December.