Kickstarter Launched for Mexican Indie Action Adventure Game, Neon City Raiders

Kickstarter Launched for Mexican Indie Action Adventure Game, Neon City Raiders

Mexican developers Mecha Studios launched a Kickstarter for Neon City Raiders, a top-down adventure with Zelda and Metal Slug influences.

Mecha Studios, an independent game developer from Mexico, sent out a press release today detailing a Kickstarter campaign for their first ever title. Neon City Raiders is currently looking for $150,000 MXN (approx $8300 USD) to have enough of a budget to get made. The team is looking to release it in April 2018 for PC, Mac, and Linux if they campaign is successful. They also have a stretch goal for a PS4 version but the amount for this milestone has not been unveiled.

The game unsurprisingly takes place in Neon City where you go behind the goalie mask of Rick, the violent protagonist. His mission is to infiltrate all the gangs that have popped up in this deteriorating metropolis to bring order back to his home. If you’ve noticed that the story and aesthetics have an 80s feel to them, you’re not crazy. The game takes inspiration from iconic films from the era such as The Goonies, The Warriors, and Big Trouble in Little China.

The gameplay of Neon City Raiders is rooted in the action/adventure genre from a top-down view. There will be a Zelda like progression where new areas of the map will come available with new abilities. You’ll meet new characters, unlock new ‘story fragments’, and find new superpowers. Of course your main objective will be to fight your way into gang territory and take on the ‘epic’ bosses of these criminal empires.

Other features include:

  • Explore the whole city at will while unlocking new maps and districts in the order you choose.
  • Interact with a society divided into gangs where each one of them possess unique superhuman powers.
  • Obtain new abilities and items to help you reach new places and complete areas with ease.
  • Defeat a great variety of enemies at high-paced action using ability strategies and even the environment.
  • Solve puzzles and riddles to test your intellect and keep on going in your adventure.
  • Relax, plan and talk to your crew members in your own hideout located in a warehouse on the neon district.
  • Enlarge your gang by recruiting new members that unlocks you options, tools and features to help you with your quest.
  • Save time with the fast travel option available from already discovered checkpoints while riding a cool floating-board!
  • Change the course of the story by completing specific quests and getting special items.

The lowest pledge to get a digital copy of the game runs for $8.20 USD whereas higher pledges will get you patches, t-shirts, and even a figurine. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can pledge $438.60 USD to help Mecha Studios design a boss. You have until August 8th to back the project, and for now you can take a look at the campaign trailer below. And since Neon City Raiders is being made in Mexico, the entire crowdfunding endeavor is in Spanish (including a trailer) on the KS page: