Neptunia Fan Purchases 18-Foot Tall 4 Goddess Online Poster For $1,300 During Auction

Neptunia Fan Purchases 18-Foot Tall 4 Goddess Online Poster For $1,300 During Auction

Neptunia fans attending Anime Expo 2017 had the opportunity to bid on an 18-foot tall poster featuring the cast of characters as well as signed by the series creator and series producer.

Since last year, it seems that every convention that I attend has at least a handful of event goers who wear a hat that reads “TOP NEP”, a group of dedicated fans of the Neptunia series. However, one attendee at Anime Expo 2017 has risen above the rest.

On July 4, the fourth and last day of the anime-centric event, Idea Factory International decided to auction off an 18-foot high poster of the key art from Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online. However, this poster had also been signed by series producer Naoko Mizuno and series designer Tsunako.

The silent auction began at $300 and by the end of the day reached the final bid of $1,300. After two bidders went back and forth outbidding each other, the winner was Neptunia fan and gamer J0Nathanhunter1. We caught up with Jonathan to ask if he could comment about how he discovered the Neptunia series and also what he’s going to do with the oversized poster. Jonathan says:

I was first introduced to it by YouTuber Lost Pause (videos and Twitch streams). To put it simply, I love anime and gaming. There is also the comedy and the fourth wall breaking. The characters are very loving and entertaining. The setting is very interesting and the whole series references past events that had to with consoles in real life. Also, the fact the characters are based on consoles, portable console, publishers, etc. I can go on how I’m so attached to the series.

As for what he’s going to do with the poster:

Either put it on my ceiling in my bedroom or my wall behind my gaming PC. It separates into two parts so there are a lot of ways on how I can set it up.

The Neptunia franchise has many diehard fans out there, but there are some who are just a little more passionate. Jonathan concluded our conversation by saying, “And of course, I’m gonna take care and treasure it forever”. So it looks like the poster is in good hands.

Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC Winter 2017 in the west.

You can check out pictures of the poster below: