Wireless Controller Support Released for the NES Classic Edition You Can’t Buy

on November 30, 2016 11:20 AM

Apparently Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition is a real thing — that you can (allegedly) buy — at an actual store. I don’t believe it. It sounds like an urban legend if you ask me. OK, so maybe I’m just a little salty that I can’t find one. Whatever.

For the lucky 20 or so people who actually own this thing (more salt here), one of the chief complaints has been the 2 foot cord that attaches the controller to the NES Classic Edition mini console. Alas the nostalgia of sitting directly in front of your gigantic living TV will soon be over as 8bitdo has announced the first bluetooth wireless controller add-on for the NES Classic Edition.


The accessory bundle from 8Bitdo is up for Pre-Order on Amazon for $39.99 and will be officially released on December 16th, 2016. The bundle includes both a receiver dongle and 8Bitdo’s ‘NES30’ controller. The receiver dongle (which plugs into one of the controller ports on the face of the NES Classic Edition) will also pair with other bluetooth controllers like the Sony PlayStation DualShock 4, Nintendo’s Wiimote, and previously released 8Bitdo controllers.

Considering that the official NES Classic Edition controllers are currently reselling at ridiculous prices (just like the mini console itself), 40 bucks for a wireless solution doesn’t seem too bad at the moment. Now the only thing you’ll need to do is find an NES Classic Edition to use this thing on. Good luck with that (and yes, I’m still salty).



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