Man Robs Bank With NES Zapper and Duct Tape

Man Robs Bank With NES Zapper and Duct Tape

A man in Mexico has been arrested after attempting to rob a local bank with an NES Zapper that he covered in duct tape to hide the bright coloring.

A man from Hermosillo, Mexico has made the news recently for attempting to rob a bank in the local area. Bank employees described the assailant to police shortly after he made his getaway, allowing them to swiftly begin and end a manhunt that ended in his subsequent arrest. Police have since learned that the man robbed the bank using a taped-up NES Zapper.

That’s right – the man attempted to rob a local bank, but instead of using an actual weapon he opted into the “Do-It-Yourself” method. I’m glad that he did this rather than have an actual gun because it meant that no one could be seriously hurt or even worse during this. Police provided photos of the NES Zapper covered in duct tape, which you can see above.

The man successfully hid every bright-coloured part of the plastic toy, apart from the small red part of the trigger. The suspect “is now being investigated for 15 other crimes.” For those of you unfamiliar with the classic peripheral the NES Zapper was used back in the 1980s for games such as Duck Hunt, Gumshoe, Freedom Force and more.

What started as just another day at work for the bank tellers turned into something that can (hopefully) be laughed off, considering no lives were actually in danger. It will also be quite the story for the bank’s staff to tell their grandchildren in the future. The suspect’s identity has not been revealed by authorities.

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