Netflix is Developing Live-Action ‘Dragon’s Lair’ Starring Ryan Reynolds

Netflix is Developing Live-Action ‘Dragon’s Lair’ Starring Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds set to play Dirk the Daring in a live-action Dragon's Lair adaptation by Netflix. Original animator and creator Don Bluth will produce.

Recently, Netflix announced it is currently developing a live-action adaptation of the arcade game Dragon’s Lair. Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Free Guy) is set star as the game’s protagonist Dirk the Daring.

Posted from the Netflix Twitter account, it was announced Reynolds “is in talks” to play the knight as he attempts to save rescue Princess Daphne from the dragon. It was also announced Dragon Lair creator and artist is attached as a producer for the project. Additionally, Roy Lee, Trevor Engelson, Gary Goldman, and Jon Pomeroy will also produce. Daniel and Kevin Hageman (The Lego Movie, Hotel Transylvania) will write the live-action feature.

As this announcement is only acknowledging the project’s existence, the full cast and release date has yet to be revealed. Once we know more about the live-action Dragon’s Lair feature, we will let you know.

For those unaware, Dragon’s Lair is an arcade game that released in 1983. Created by Rick Dyer and Don Bluth, you “play” as the knight Dirk the Daring as he attempts to rescue Princess Daphne from the dragon Singe. I say “play” because it is essentially a long Quick Time Event where players have to either press up, down, left, right, or attack to adhere to the obstacles on the screen. I played it pretty recently and I am confident in saying I will never ever beat Dragon’s Lair.

Netflix has been known to adapt video game franchises into TV shows. Castlevania is an animated series that is currently in its third season. More notably, The Witcher series starring Henry Cavill (Justice League, Mission Impossible — Fallout) released in December last year. You can check out our review of the Netflix series where Steven Santana says, “The Witcher is a good live-action adaptation of a Polish fantasy series that also ended up culminating in one of my favorite video games, and really I’m happy with that, as I’m sure many fans will be.”