Netflix on Nintendo 3DS Impressions

Netflix on Nintendo 3DS Impressions

Today, the Netflix app arrived on Nintendo 3DS as a free download, and I immediately made it my business to download it. It took no more than a minute and I was using the app no more than five minutes after hearing about its release through twitter.

The interface is pretty much just the same as the Netflix app on the Wii, and works pretty smoothly. All the instant streaming stuff you would get on any other Netflix ready device is able to be played here, and I dove right into checking out a couple of cartoons and movies to see how it looked. The cartoons looked better on such a small screen, but, overall, everything was as smooth as can be. The sound quality was also really good and pretty loud compared to the likes of say The Green Lantern trailer, which was unreasonably low for some reason.

Searching on Netflix for 3DS wasn’t working at first, but after a quick reboot of the system, the search worked fine. It was a bit sluggish still, but at least I got it to work. I don’t know if it was my 3DS or my connection, but that’s what happened.

Now how about the 3D? Well, the funny thing is that browsing the app is in 3D, but none of the movies or shows stream in 3D. That’s understandable because not everything will be in 3D, and I understand that. However, I do take it as a good indication that 3D streaming will arrive soon, because not only is browsing in 3D, but also when you pause the movie and scan through scenes.

The app is free, pausing, rewinding and fast-forwarding works well, and it’s another alternative to the many Netflix ready devices you probably already have. One more doesn’t hurt, right?