Netflix’s The Witcher Series Adds Writers from Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Americans, and More

Netflix’s The Witcher Series Adds Writers from Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Americans, and More

The writers' room for Netflix's upcoming TV adaptation of The Witcher is open, and the writing team includes several screenwriting veterans.

Coming off the incredible The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2015, The Witcher franchise has grown in popularity tremendously, and now some details have been uncovered from pre-production of the upcoming TV series adaptation of the franchise coming to Netflix.

Lauren S. Hissrich, the showrunner and one of the writers on Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of The Witcher, revealed that the writers’ room has now opened and several new writing team members have been signed on to write episodes of the series’ first season.

Specifically, several team members revealed their involvement with the project such as Jenny Klein, who previously wrote for Netflix’s Marvel series Daredevil and Jessica Jones, alongside other writers like Sneha Koorse (The AmericansConstantine) and Beau DeMayo (The Originals).

Alongside the reveal of the new writers joining the project, Hissrich also provided a lengthy thread on Twitter divulging a few details on the process of writing the show’s first season so far. Specifically, Hissrich expressed that she sees the team as not only “a family,” but also as “the foundation for hundreds of people who will make this TV show.”

Hissrish expressed that the writers have read The Witcher novels and stories, and so far the writing process has started with breaking down the characters and how “emotional moments collide with plot” between them and the story.

One interesting bit of information that Hissrich expressed is that each episode will be written by an individual writer, as she is asking the writers “to ‘own’ their episodes,” and that “they bear the responsibility of ushering it from a kernel of an idea to fully-executed script.”

Aside from this thread, Hissrich reiterated in responses on Twitter that the TV show will be “separate” from the games produced by CD Projekt RED, and has not revealed yet what storylines that the first season of the series might be adapted from the original source novels.

The Witcher series from Netflix is currently in pre-production. No specific release date for the series’ first season has been revealed at this time, though showrunner and writer Lauren S. Hissrich previously stated that the earliest it could come by would be 2020.