PS Vita Exclusive NetHigh “Definitely Not Coming to the West” At Least From XSEED

PS Vita Exclusive NetHigh “Definitely Not Coming to the West” At Least From XSEED

During a short interview with, executive vice president of XSEED Ken Berry revealed some news concerning a game from their parent company Marvelous in Japan.

The question was raised on what are the challenges of bringing Japanese Games west. In which Ken Berry responded that cultural issues and text are always a challenge. He then brought up 2015’s PS Vita exclusive Nethigh which is a game many western fans have asked for in the past.

Ken Berry says:

Our hopes of being able to localize it were quickly dashed once we realized that most of the puzzles were based on Japanese puns and wordplay using written kanji characters which often have multiple meanings. Seeing that it also had a lot of text displaying from top to bottom rather than our way of reading from left to right sealed its fate of definitely not coming to the West.

Additionally, it seems the publisher will be looking into the otome genre to bring to the west as the demand for the visual novels grows.

As sad as this news might be for some games, it’s nice to see transparency from the western publisher.

Next week, XSEED will release Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns on the Nintendo 3ds. The game has been showing off the bachelors and bachelorettes available to romance during the game.