NeuroSky Technology Receives Award for Innovation

What is this NeuroSky company, you ask?  Why is it important to gamers, you wonder?  I’ll tell you.  The company NeuroSky has developed a technology that translates the brain’s electrical activity into a signal that is able to be converted by a computer into an action.  At the 50th Annual TechAmerica Innovator Awards, this technology, along with the CEO of NeuroSky, Stanley Yang, received the Innovator Award for Consumer Electronics.

NeuroSky developed this technology and packed it into the form of a headset for consumer consumption.  The company is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of consumer-ready Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technologies.  They’ve developed this headset that will allow anyone to control devices with their minds.  It provides various real-time mental state data to the user based on his or her brainwave patterns.

I thought this was interesting first because it’s the first time I’ve heard of such technology being available to the general consumer and second, because of all the hype recently about Microsoft’s Project Natal and Sony’s new motion controller wand thingamajig.  If this new BCI technology can be developed for consumers, imagine what this could do to the video games we play in the future.  Forget that Project Natal stuff, that’s so four months ago.  With this BCI technology you don’t even have to move, you could possibly be able to play a game by just thinking.  Interesting concept to start those synapses firing, no?

Oh yeah, you can also buy something with this technology at Toys ‘R Us, a Star Wars “force trainer”, no less.  I think we’re a long way off from video game applications.  Still, its something interesting to think about.

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