Neversoft Says Goodbye by Burning an Effigy of its Logo

Neversoft Says Goodbye by Burning an Effigy of its Logo

The developers of the Tony Hawk and the later Guitar Hero games is closing down its doors after 20 years. Instead of quietly shutting things down however, the studio instead celebrated by burning an effigy of its iconic eyeball logo. Each member of the studio was also given a monogrammed Bowie knife with the studio’s logo on it.

Here is the full picture of the effigy burning:

neversoft eligy full

As we reported back in May, Activision has decided to retire the Neversoft name and that its staff would be merged with Infinity Ward who are best known for the Call of Duty franchise. Neversoft helped during the development of Ghosts so this is a natural move to make on Activision’s part.

Neversoft hasn’t released any games in a few years and gamers are no longer interested in Tony Hawk or Guitar Hero which were this studio’s biggest hits. It’s always a shame when a studio has to close its doors but it is good to know that the staff won’t be unemployed and will now be working on future Call of Duty games.