Neverwinter: Tomb of Annhiliation Expansion Announced for July Release

Tomb of Annhiliation, the latest expansion for Neverwinter, introduces dinosaurs into the game.

The folks over at Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios today announced Neverwinter: Tomb of Annhiliation, the latest expansion for their ever growing MMO. It will come to PC first on July 25th, followed by an Xbox One and PS4 release at a later time. No date is available yet, but console launches for previous expansions have been landing about four to six weeks after PC.

Tomb of Annhiliation will include a brand new hub as players will make their way into the jungles of Chult. For the first time in Neverwinter, dinosaurs will be a featured enemy. In Chult, the hub world will be the Port of Nyanzaru. It will include one additional dungeon, The Tomb of the Nine Gods, which will come with its own rewards. The gear score requirement was not revealed, but it will serve as a five person, end game dungeon.

As part of the campaign, players will need to hunt and eliminate various new monsters. Of course, dinosaurs are part of this group. A number of others are promised, but more details on them will come closer to release. It won’t be just the enemies that are dinosaurs, as players will also be able to pick up their very own dinosaur mount from the Zen market and drop boxes.

Neverwinter’s most recent expansion, the Shroud of Souls, released on PC last month and is coming to consoles on June 20th. It takes place immediately after the Cloaked Ascendancy campaign, and opens up multiple loadouts for quicker customization. Two loadouts come with the expansion, but more slots can be purchased with Zen.

There is currently a 2X Stronghold Shard event going on this weekend for console players, so it’s a good time to jump back in and help out the guild if you’ve been out for a while. All four variants of the Shard of Power will be doubled during the event.

Take a look at the announcement trailer for Tomb of Annhiliation below.

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