New 3D Dot Game Heroes Trailer is EPIC

By Chad Awkerman

March 25, 2010

A new 3D Dot Game Heroes trailer was posted up on the PlayStation Blog today, giving everyone a taste of exactly how epic and awesome this retro-looking (and sounding!) title is. I had the chance to take part in a streaming web demo when Atlus held them for the media a month or so ago, and it really got me excited about this game. Will this trailer get you excited about it, as well? I certainly hope so! Along with the trailer, Aram Jabbari, Manager of Public Relations and Sales at Atlus, helped to clear up some misconceptions about the game which have been piling up for a while.

1. The huge swords evident in some screens/videos do NOT break the game. It is not a design flaw. You’re only that big when you’re at FULL health (intuitive, right?), and you’ll rarely be at full health for long stretches of time. Moreover, only near the end of the game will you have a sword THAT large, not to mention one with the ability to penetrate geometry (i.e. trees, rocks, etc). Many of the swords cannot and will not swing out all the way in those situations, making size… well… irrelevant. Ask anyone who’s played the game: it’s not about how big it is, it’s about… oh, nevermind.

2. The game DOES look amazing in person; you’ll just have to trust us on this. Even videos often fail to do the game justice.

3. There is no multiplayer component to the game.

4. We’re not currently planning any pre-order bonus items. We view the super cool $39.99 price point as a rather nice bonus.

5. The game has a number of significant improvements over the original Japanese version, including an OPTIONAL HDD install (approximately 1.2gb in size) to reduce/eliminate load times, dozens of new, North American-exclusive load screens that parody popular game box art, and more!

As mentioned above, the game has a low price point of $39.99, and is looking really, really awesome. It releases exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on May 11, 2010. Check out the video below!

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