New and Old Kingdom Hearts 3D Details Revealed

By Kyle Durant

April 28, 2011

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has been met with much “head scratching” acclaim. Gamers’ first reactions was “this is KH3 because it has a three in the title and takes place after the second game!” Sadly, they were wrong and it was announced that this will be a 3DS title and take place after Kingdom Hearts: Coded. Ever since then Kingdom Hearts fanatics (including myself) have been walking around in circles trying to figure out just what Dream Drop Distance will be about and how it correlates to the Kingdom Hearts universe. Lucky for our dear readers Square-Enix, Modojo, and my good ol’ noodle will present you with new (and old) details of the upcoming KH game. All I ask is that fans don’t simply throw this game under a bus just because it’s another side-story based game. The details and plot of the Kingdom Hearts 3D are actually quite tantalizing.

So here is what we know at the time of this article being published. KH 3D is being developed by the team behind Birth By Sleep and takes place after Coded (meaning this will be the farthest game along the KH timeline). The main, playable characters are Sora and Riku but you cannot choose between the heroes when you want. The game’s canon storyline will decide what Keyblade wielding teen you play as at a given time. Luckily, Sora and Riku (in their KH1 form) will have unique abilities and control schemes, face unique bosses, and visit the same environments at different times. Plus those old, new, unique abilities will influence the gameplay in Kingdom Hearts 3!

The title of this Kingdom Hearts game isn’t just a play on words, it actually refers to the game itself depicting how far a person falls in their dreams. I know that sounds all Inception”y” but the Kingdom Hearts series knows what it is doing. A new, mysterious, on-screen gauge will make an appearance, the Drop Gauge. Along with that new addition…there will be new places to explore and could very well be Disney based considering The Hunchback of Notre Dame world was seen in the announcement trailer. Not to mention the visitation of some old levels like everyone’s favorite, nostalgic world, Traverse Town.

This following paragraph contains story spoilers so the squeamish look away! Those who have beaten Re:Coded and attained the secret ending were graced with info that would make any Kingdom Hearts nut drool themself to death. The secret ending had Master Yen Sid speaking gravely with Mickey. It seems since Xehanort’s (Master Xehanort in Terra’s body) nobody and heartless were subsequently defeated…his original body has/is being reassembled and is primed to retry his goal he attempted in Birth By Sleep. Yen Sid then tasked Mickey with bringing Sora and Riku to the magical tower so they can attempt a mark of mastery exam. Enter Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. Parts of KH 3D’s story will be the two protagonists taking the mastery exam and experiencing their past selves (hence their KH1 appearance).

If any other new Kingdom Hearts info makes its way to light, you better believe that I will be more than happy to share it with you readers. Sadly, I cannot make Kingdom Hearts 3 come any faster…trust me I’ve tried.

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