New Anime Fighting Game Under Night Looks Promising

New Anime Fighting Game Under Night Looks Promising


A new fighting game is being developed by French Bread, the team who contributed to the creation of a smalltime but well-loved fighter called Melty Blood. Under Night: In-Birth looks similar to Melty Blood, but we can’t yet be certain that it plays the same way.

Few details are available on the game, but the roster looks to contain ten characters. The art style and the characters certainly look very interesting. There is no release date or platform info for the game, but it is reportedly around 30-40% complete.

There is also a trailer out for the game. In it, you can see some tidbits of game play. Sadly, the trailer is in Japanese, so if you aren’t fluent, you’ll probably be lost. The music, I must say, is really enjoyable. Let’s hope that Under Night gets an American release and a console version. Hit the break for the trailer.

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