New Arc The Lad RPG Will Be Revealed by Sony’s ForwardWorks on July 30th

New Arc The Lad RPG Will Be Revealed by Sony’s ForwardWorks on July 30th

Sony Interactive Entertainment's mobile arm ForwardWorks is set to unveil the new Arc The Lad mobile JRPG at the end of this month.

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment’s mobile branch ForwardWorks announced that the previously-teased new Arc The Lad game for smart devices will be revealed on July 30th.

A new teaser site has been opened. The game will be an RPG (it’s defined “RPG of Light and Sound” bringing back the original catchphrase used for the old titles), and it’ll bring back together the original staff, with planning and game design handled by the series’ creator Toshiro Tsuchida. Norihiko Yonesaka will write the story, Eiji Koyama, Ryuichi Kunisue, Hiroshi Hayashi will work on the art, and T-Square’s Masahiro Andoh will take care of the audio.

The development of this game was announced back in 2016 when ForwardWorks’ lineup was first revealed, aiming to bring back some of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s beloved franchises in mobile form, including Wild Arms and PaRappa the Rapper.

If you’re not familiar with Arc The Lad, it’s one of Sony’s JRPG franchises of old, released on the original PlayStation and PS2 between 1995 and 2004.

While I’m sure many will groan at the idea of the series coming back on mobile, I’m honestly happy that it’s coming back at all. We’ll see what the future will hold.