New Artwork from Iron Man 2 (the game of course)

By Joel Taveras

March 19, 2010

Yes, the following images are from a game based on a movie. And yes, movie to game expectations often suck, big time. However, if you listened to Shockcast episode 4 or read Al’s preview from our eyes-on time with this game back in February then you will know that there is some hope for this title. At the very least we know that it far surpasses the abomination that was the original that came before it.

How did they pull that off exactly? By not following the story of the movie! The only thing this game shares with the movie is its title. That’s it. If you’re the type who can care less about how the game actually plays and would like me to show you some shiny Iron Man 2 suit renders/artwork then by all means, enjoy the shots below. These  shots are BIG, 56k users you have been warned (if you still exist, that is).

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