New Battle Princess of Arcadias Screenshots and Info Show New Characters, Stages and More

New Battle Princess of Arcadias Screenshots and Info Show New Characters, Stages and More

In the latest Battle Princess of Arcadias update, we learn about some of the fairytales surrounding the kingdom of Welltex, which are all related to songs. There’s also a case of the disappearing Eastern Corps, as well as an intro to Weapon Enhancement. Last, check out the huge number of new screenshots and character artwork posted at the bottom.

In the first fairytale, there is a ghost ship that appears only on a stormy night and haunts the continent, singing a mysterious song. Most people just laugh and say it’s only a myth but the truth is uncertain. Another tale is that of the near destruction of the world. Long ago, these mysterious beings known as “Bearers” came and began to sing a terrible Song that misled and manipulated the people and led the world to ruin. While most people of the continent today think of the story as a fairytale told to frighten children, there are those that believe and fear the second coming of the “Bearers” and their Song. The next tall tale concerns a legendary beast called the “Lewin Aria,” which has a fearsome presence and sings a song that can brainwash others. The last myth is about an ancient inheritance in the basement of the kingdom, which only the king and certain special people can see.

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Princess Plum is an innocent young girl that loves to fight. She is considered the symbol of peace in the kingdom and is loved by many. But as Princess Plum fights her daily battles and in the war itself, the people realize that she is not so naive.

Arcadias (57) Arcadias (58) Some other characters we learn about include a young boy named Eliash (pictured left), who is the wizard of the Northern Corps. He rose up through the ranks using his brain and is decent in terms of combat power. Eliash is a beautiful boy who attracts both men and women. In battle he fights with a wand and is an excellent long range type due to his magical skills. In addition, Eliash has a unique characteristic in which his hangtime in the air after a jump is much longer than the other characters. His (terrifying) special move is called the Petit ☆ Destroy that brings down a meteorite on the surrounding area and has the enemy near death.

We also have Yuruka (pictured right), the chief of the Eastern Corps who is quite excellent at his job. However, in a recent monster suppression mission, he went missing. In fact, the entire Eastern Corps went missing in that same mission. And when Princess Plum decides to investigate, she doesn’t find monsters but instead soldiers from the kingdom of Alma Tula, all with vacant eyes…

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Princess Plum continues to follow the trail of the missing soldiers and ends up investigating the same legendary ghost ship discussed earlier in the post.



Next up is Weapon Enhancement, which is ones of the ways Princess Plum can upgrade her weapons. She must bring materials she’s collected around the world to the Weapons Studio. Weapons Enhancement increases the performance and offensive power of a weapon, so if you’re having trouble with an enemy or boss, try going to the Weapons Studio for an upgrade. There are three ways to strengthen weapons in The Enhancement System:

  1. Performance Enhancement– Materials that are gathered during Princess Plum’s adventure can be used to give weapon’s attributes, as well as enhance the ones the weapon already possesses. The rarer the material, the stronger and better the attribute acquired or attribute upgrade is.
  2. Skill Release– Certain weapons have special skills that can increase the power of the one wielding it. Some of them are available in the beginning of the game, but others must be unlocked by certain kinds of materials that can be found around the kingdom. There are only a limited number of materials to release the manifold skills, though.
  3. Weapon Evolution– Plum can use this to evolve her weapons to a higher stage, which greatly strengthens their power. Even though this costs a massive amount of materials, evolved weapons obtain powerful skills and have the added benefit of getting all of their skills released.

There are seven types of weapons in total and each kind wields differently. With over 900 weapons to choose from, pick the ones you want and customize them in your own unique way. Plum can acquire weapons and materials at the end of each stage as a reward. Each weapon has a certain rarity “ranking” (with weapons that can evolve being very rare) and you can increase the chance of getting a rare weapon by fighting high level enemies and bosses.

Naturally there are several status abnormalities that are inflicted by special attacks from opponents, such as ablaze, frozen and shock. The dangerous ones in particular are those that hinder the characters’ movement in battle, which can result in the enemy killing them before they can move. You can avoid this by increasing the characters’ resistance to elements such as fire, ice, through attributes. Ailments can also be used to your advantage by inflicting them on the enemy.

Finally we have the various stages: mysterious forest, iceberg zone, desert area and crystal cave.

  1. Mysterious Forest– the first stage Princess Plum enters and it’s located near the kingdom. The forest is so dense with thick trees that you can barely see through anything. Here you can find the basic materials and weapons.
  2. Iceberg Zone– Located in the south-east, this freezing area is home to some nasty monsters that abuse ice magic. Princess Plum comes here to suppress the ancient weapons and to investigate the criminal from another country, Louise.
  3. Desert Area– The sun scorched sand in this desert hides monsters lurking underneath. They ambush travelers (including Plum of course) and give them the poison status ailment.
  4. Crystal Cave– Found in the north-west kingdom and contains ancient weapons that are currently in a deep slumber. Plum is sure to have a fierce battle with these creatures upon her arrival here.