New Beaterator VMA Montage Video

New Beaterator VMA Montage Video

Rockstar Games has just released a new video for their upcoming Beaterator on the PSP. The montage was filmed at the VMA’s and includes many famous faces in the music biz.The game aims to be a portable music studio in your pocket. If this video’s any indication of where it’s headed I think that Rockstar might actually have something here. One thing I learned from this clip is the ability to use the PSP’s (3000 or Go) built in Mic to throw in your own vocals. That makes it much a more versatile than originally thought. If you think amateur freestylers are annoying on Youtube, just wait until this game drops. Everyone and their mother will be out there thinking they’re the next Timbaland or Pharrel.  I think that Timbaland’s (the world’s greatest producer) involvement in the project isn’t just a cheap endorsement plug at all. And the king of beats has really helped make Beaterator something special. Check out the montage as includes game impressions from recording artists such as Ice-T, Kevin Rudolf, Serani and many more.

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