New Behemoth Game Pushed to Next Year

New Behemoth Game Pushed to Next Year


Behemoth, developer of the highly praised Castle Crashers, has announced that its new game, BattleBlock Theatre, has been pushed to next year because the game has turned out to be much more than what they had originally planned.Kelly Revak writes on the Behemoth blog:


I have a confession to make.  Long story short, BattleBlock Theater is becoming so much more than we ever expected.  It feels like no other game out there – there’s a little more r&d than we thought and lots of new ground to break.  This means we will not be releasing in 2010, but the good news is now that we’ve got Castle Crashers out on PSN worldwide, you can expect LOTS more updates on where we are headed with BBT.

A ton of work has gone into this game which feels like no other game!  We’re currently forcing someone to start getting some videos/pictures prepped so we can pass the time quickly together.

One thing I can really get behind is a developer taking their time to make their game the best that it can be. That’s why Gran Turismo 5 better be absolutely freaking awesome. BattleBlock Theater has so far been confirmed for the Xbox 360 and will release next year