New Beyond the Labyrinth Screens, Battle System Details Revealed

on December 3, 2011 2:30 PM

tri-Ace’s Beyond the Labyrinth, a 3DS dungeon crawler with the ever-present and iconic white-haired girl, has gotten some new screens in the last day or so, along with some interesting details revealed about its battle system. It seems the battle system is turn-based, but with many twists that will really make it stand out from your typical RPG fare.

First off, you don’t actually choose your attack, but the strength of your attack, instead. The stronger you choose your attack to be, the longer you have to wait between attacks. This adds a layer of strategy in dealing with certain enemies – do you throw your entire might into an attack and be vulnerable afterward, or do you attack quickly and lightly and be ready for another in just a couple moments? It seems a bit of a play on the heavy/light weapon idea from action games and action RPGs.

There are also elemental properties at play that have a rock-paper-scissors relationship. You need to keep this in mind when selecting a target, as well. This elemental property comes into play, because enemies with the same properties next to each other can take other enemies’ HP when you damage them, if that makes any sense. So, how you deal with enemies will largely depend on which elemental properties they have. You can check out some screens of the battle screens and menus below.

I’m all about the heavy/light attack idea, but I’m unsure how this elemental property mechanic will play out in the long run. Granted, tri-Ace isn’t really known for screwing up their battle systems. I really look forward to this title coming West at some point and I continue to hold onto my 3DS in hopes that it will.

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