New BioWare Action IP Delayed to Fiscal Year 2019: “The Design is Stunning”

New BioWare Action IP Delayed to Fiscal Year 2019: “The Design is Stunning”

BioWare's new action IP is coming later than initially expected, after April 1st, 2018.

During Electronic Arts’ quarterly conference call for investors and analysts, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson shared more information about the upcoming untitled action game by BioWare.

“We’re very pleased with the progress of our new action IP from BioWare. The Design is stunning. Gameplay mechanics are excellent, and the action will be exhilarating. The game is built around a live service, and through our creative process, we decided to add more to the disruptive new social design for our players.

To accomodate that, we are moving the launch date for this project into fiscal year ’19.”

The delay to fiscal year 2019 means that the game will launch between April 1st, 2018 and March 31st, 2019.

Later in the call, Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen explained that the company is “very excited” for the opportunity to create a new IP, and the delay has been decided in order to “further develop the live service component.”

Wilson also mentioned that in fiscal year 2019 and beyond (after April 1st, 2018) we’ll get the new Star Wars game from Visceral Games, and “further out” the one by Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment. The company is also investing on another unannounced project from Motive studio.

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