New Bit.Trip Complete Trailer Chronicles The Bit.Trip Saga

(Not to be confused with Bit.Trip Saga for the 3DS.) The Bit.Trip games have come a long way from the humble block-bouncing of Bit.Trip Beat. It’s one of the most well-known indie game series out there right now, and now that the story has come to a close, it’s ready to be released in full. Bit.Trip Complete, the collection of the entire Bit.Trip series for Wii, comes out September 13th.

Hit the jump for the full trailer.

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Justin Hutchison

Weekend Contributing Writer at DualShockers. Been gaming since getting an SNES with Super Mario World in the late 90s. My favorite games include Persona 4, Chrono Trigger, Sly 2/3, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and Shining Force.

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