New Black Desert Online Class Teased by Sexy Trailer: The Dark Knight

New Black Desert Online Class Teased by Sexy Trailer: The Dark Knight

Today Pearl Abyss, developer of Black Desert Online, released the first teaser of the new class that will soon be implemented on the Korean servers, the Dark Knight.

The class, that has been called “Dark Elf” across the past few months, will be released with the new Kamasilve Expansion, that will be launched in three parts starting in early 2017.

The Dark Knight is said to fight with a massive greatsword without losing her elven agility, while she will also be able to hit from a distance using offensive magical spells. You can also see a new teaser image above.

The trailer, that you can enjoy below, comes with the slogan “her dark shadow falls!” and includes a date, December 15th. That’s probably when the class will be fully unveiled.

Pearl Abyss started teasing the class back in April, with artwork showcased at a conference in Korea. Just a few days ago, a few character models were shown during a livestreamed event in Japan, alongside other elements of the Kamasilve Expansion like Tier 9 horses and the new land itself, that will increase further the already massive Black Desert Online world.

During an interview at Gamescom, the game’s developers told DualShockers that the Dark Knight will be only female for the moment, but a male version might be considered for the future.

Kamasilve is the land of the Elves, south-west of Calpheon, and is torn by a conflict between two elven tribes, the Ganel (your usual high elves represented by the Ranger class in game) and the Bedir, the dark elves to which the Dark Knight will belong. Part II of the expansion will showcase the conflict from the point of view of the Ganel, while Part III will present the players the point of view of the Bedir. At the moment it’s not know whether the Dark Knight class will come with Part I or one of the follow-ups.

You can check out the trailer below, and if you want to read more about the class and the expansion, you can also read our full Gamescom interview with Pearl Abyss.

Incidentally, it’s worth mentioning that the class most likely won’t be implemented immediately on the western servers, that normally are behind the Korean ones by about four months in the implementation of new content, since it has to be localized.