New Blair Witch Trailer Takes You Through the Creepy Woods in 4K

Bloober Team's Blair Witch takes you on a tour of its unsettling setting in a new trailer.

If you’re afraid of walking through the woods alone in the dark, Bloober Team’s Blair Witch has the trailer for you. It starts off innocent enough–the opening shots are of a decently-lit forest. The trees look serene in the warm glow of the sun. If it weren’t for the unpleasant horror music competing with birds chirping it might even be relaxing.

Things quickly take a turn for the worse as a bright babbling brook is replaced by darkness. Every subsequent shot gets spookier and spookier until you find yourself in a creepy little cabin adorned with chairs hanging from the ceiling.

Simply put, this game looks absolutely gorgeous when it’s not trying to be horrifying. Actually, it looks good then, too. Make sure you’re watching in 4K if you have a way of doing so.

This isn’t the first look we’ve gotten at Blair Witch‘s setting. A gameplay trailer released at the end of last month gave us a visualization in first person. Still, the composition of shots seen in this new trailer at a super high resolution makes it worth watching.

Blair Witch is slated to release for the PC and Xbox One on August 30. Xbox Game Pass will host its arrival on the same day.

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Brandon Doerrer

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