New Blood Drive Assets Do Not Display Charitable Donation of Blood

By Danl Haas

October 25, 2010

Activision has released some new assets for its upcoming zombie-themed vehicular combat game, Blood Drive. This title is shaping up to be a frenetic and gory good time, with more loud-mouthed announcers, psychotic drivers, and mutated undead than an Alice Cooper concert in downtown Los Angeles. You’ll get a chance to drive over the hordes of Las Ruletas in a very short while, as this game is set to hit store shelves on November 2, 2010.

We’ve got more screens, some character art, and the full list of Xbox 360 achievements after the break!

#Performance NameXbox360 PointsDescription
1Full Tilt15Complete All 5 Preliminary Cups
2W – Is For Winner15Place 1st in all of the Events within a single Zone
3Home is where the Heart is15Complete the Blood Drive Tournament with Kelley
4Till Death do us Part15Complete the Blood Drive Tournament with Reggie
5Shred Some Faces15Complete the Blood Drive Tournament with Bedlam
6Living Legend15Complete the Blood Drive Tournament with Superstar
7Dark and Mysterious15Complete the Blood Drive Tournament with Nazar
8Ode to Mother Russia15Complete the Blood Drive Tournament with Natalya
9Into the Sunset15Complete the Blood Drive Tournament with Jackson
10Hit ’em in the Numbers15Complete the Blood Drive Tournament with Brock
11Legend, wait for it… ARY!15Complete All Challenges
12Zombie Harvest15Rack up over 50 kills in a single Killing Spree
13Flesh Sack15Kill a Shambler while it’s in mid-air
14Death by Goldberg Machine15Crush 5 or more Zombies with a single Prop
15Roadkill Cafe15Earn Bonus Zombie Points in every Event in a single Cup
16Driving Miss Zombie15Trigger a Jump Camera with a Leaper on your Car
17Crash and Burn35Multiplayer: Kill another Player while you are both in mid-air
18Survivalist35Multiplayer: Complete one entire event without being wrecked
19Wastelander15Multiplayer: Compete in 10 online Events
20The Spice of Life15Wreck each Driver at least once during a single Event
21Bully15Wreck your Rival 5 times in a single Event
22Donut King15Complete an uninterrupted Donut for 10 seconds
23He’s a Wreckin’ Machine15Wreck 2 Vehicles during a single Juggernaut or Damage Frenzy Rage
24Blind Leading the Blinded15Wreck 2 Vehicles during a single Flashbling or Cloak Rage
25How Nature says Don’t Touch15Wreck 2 vehicles with a single Shockwave or Gross Polluter Rage
26From on High15Wreck 2 Vehicles with a single Surgical Strike or Gravity Well Rage
27Undisputed25Complete the Blood Drive Championship
28C – Is for Champion25Place first in all Events in the Blood Drive Championship
29Hardcore Cup Strip Teased25Complete the Hardcore Cup with Kelley
30Hardcore Cup Flatlined25Complete the Hardcore Cup with Reggie
31Hardcore Cup Slammed25Complete the Hardcore Cup with Bedlam
32Hardcore Cup Suplexed25Complete the Hardcore Cup with Superstar
33Hardcore Cup Assassinated25Complete the Hardcore Cup with Nazar
34Hardcore Cup Conquered25Complete the Hardcore Cup with Natalya
35Hardcore Cup Stomped25Complete the Hardcore Cup with Jackson
36Hardcore Cup Sacked25Complete the Hardcore Cup with Brock
37Fear the Reaper25Rack up over 100 kills in a single Killing Spree
38Hail to the King Baby35Multiplayer: Come in first in 5 King of the Skull Events
39Untouchable35Multiplayer: Come in first in 5 Checkpoint Race Events
40Death Rider’s Legacy50Complete the Hardcore Cup with all Drivers
41O – Is for Overachiever75Place first in every Event in Tournament Mode
42Gotta’ Kill ’em All100Kill 20,000 Zombies
Total Points1000
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