New Borderlands 2 Update Released for Xbox 360, Fixes Data Loss Issues

By Paul LaCen

November 6, 2012

“Hyperion would like to remind you that the only thing worse than respawning is not respawning.”

A couple of weeks ago, I reported on a malicious corruption hack that was plaguing Vault Hunters on Xbox 360 (the reports stating that it affected PC users as well were debunked), causing players to lose their characters and hard earned/duped loot, whatever the case may be. Well players can breathe easier, as Gearbox has released a 4 Megabyte patch that addresses/solves the issue.

The patch is detailed (as much as it could be) over at Gearbox’s support site. It states that the patch “Added security to prevent data loss tied to malicious violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct through an unsupported third-party program.” Nice for the players that liked joining public games. I think I’ll just keep my games private though.

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