New Borderlands Media – Because We Care

New Borderlands Media – Because We Care

Publisher 2K Games and developer Gearbox Software have been working on something we’d like to call “awesome.”  (at least from the looks of it, that is)  The name of the game is Borderlands – a new IP from Gearbox which features extensive co-op integration that combines both single player and multiplayer experiences.  For those of you who were deprived of any sort of information, images, and/or videos regarding Borderlands, DualShockers is here to beat you over the head with some.  Check out some new media and details, released today, after the jump.

Done drooling yet?  I’m sure as hell not.  In fact, I have a bucket sitting in between my legs as I write this.  I’m getting a workout and a chubby at the same time.  Let’s continue.  Erherm.  Borderlands is a combination of first-person shooters and RPGs.  Players will be able to choose from one of four characters and earn experience, and gain expertise in a number of specialties as they beat the crap out of their enemies.  Like traditional RPGs, upgrades can be imbued in a wide variety of special abilities, allowing players to create a fully customized character that is tailored to their playing style.

One of the most beguiling assets of this game – and thank you Gearbox – is the amount of weapons available in the game.  For those of you who like packing guns, you’ll be glad to know that Borderlands offers an arsenal of hundreds of thousands of weapons.  Yes. You read that correctly, my bewildered readers –  hundreds of thousands.  Each weapon will have their own unique manufacturers, specifications, and advantages.  A revolutionary new content generation systems produces almost infinite tools of destruction.

Aside from having RPG elements and being a FPS, one of the things that has me spooging in my pants has to be the graphics.  Hand-drawn textures, with a sprinkle of traditional rendering techniques, overwhelms the eyes as you take glance at the orgasmic visuals that permeate the screen.   Go ahead, say you like it.  I know we do.

With the elements of two distinct, yet welcoming, genres, we’re pretty pumped about this game.  Borderlands lures in gamers from both fronts, RPGs and FPSs, to dive into an experience like no other.  With the beautiful visuals, the intuitive upgrade system, and a shitload of weapons at your disposal, there’s no reason why I would say “I’m not getting this game.”  It takes everything that I love, mixes it in a KitchenAid stainless steel mixer with a hint of ass-kicking, and the final product comes out of the oven being a well-baked decoction called “Downright Amazing.”  Mmm mm.  Can’t wait to taste this one.  Oh, and if you’re there twidling your thumbs because you’re curious to see what the game looks like in motion, here ya go.  See?  We do care.

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  1. This is one of three games I’m pre-ordering for October. I’m gonna be busy…

  2. Bazil says:

    Yes effin yes

    BRING IT ON!!!!1