New Bound By Flame Trailer Breaks Down the Three Classes: Fighter, Ranger and Pyromancer

on April 11, 2014 12:39 PM

A new trailer for Bound by Flame details the three classes in the tactical action RPG: Fighter, Ranger and Pyromancer.

The Fighter class uses swords, axes and warhammers to inflict massive damage on enemies, knock them back and break through defenses. Rangers use dual daggers to quickly attack foes and break up ranks. They can also use time magic to slow down foes for free hits. Finally, the Pyromancer channels fire for long distance attacks, as well as for fire-based summons.

Since this game focuses on tactical combat, the player can also set up traps to weaken much stronger foes. Understanding the various strengths and weaknesses of your enemies will prove to be vital, as you must switch playing styles to properly adjust and survive.

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