New Bravely Default Features Revealed

New Bravely Default Features Revealed

New information on Bravely Default, the spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, had been released that details the game’s job system and party chat features.

The job system for the game is said to be very similar to that of Final Fantasy V with the freedom of choice but an added twist. Each job had a level with a cap of 10. By obtaining Job Points through defeating enemies, players will be able to level up their jobs. Bravely Default will feature atleast 24 different jobs.

Players will access to be able to use Job Commands and Support Abilities. An example of Job Commands is the ability to use black magic as a black mage or use body arts as a monk. Support abilities can include the ability to protect teammates in battle or increase hit points by 10%.

Players will also be able to customize their classes with Job Commands and Support Abilities from another class. White mage class would be able to take advantage of abilities the knight class might earn to increase their hit points or give the knight class the ability to use white magic. To gain access of these, players must pay the cost necessary for using these skills and abilities.

Also featured in the game is a party chat system that allows the party to begin a discussion that appears on the bottom of screen.

A limited edition of the game has been announced for Japanese release on October 11th that features the game, original soundtrack, art album, case for 3DS, and an AR poster