New Bravely Second Interview Reveals More About Magnolia and Graphical Improvements

on January 18, 2014 12:53 AM

A new Bravely Second interview from Famitsu starring series Producer Tomoya Asano and Akihiko Yoshida reveals more about newcomer Magnolia, as well as some of the changes to the sequel’s visuals.

An interesting new tidbit is that when Magnolia speaks, she interweaves English into her Japanese. She even says “Brave” and “Default” when activating the corresponding commands in battle. I wonder how this verbal habit will translate to the localized version of the game….

Concerning graphical improvement, Yoshida stated:

Basically the [battle] system does not change but the graphics are better than in the previous game. It’s possible to fill a dense background with thicker lines and strike a balance between the two. In the previous game, we felt the resolution was too low when zooming in. But this time, the denser background and camera zoom in does not affect quality, and unlike the previous game I don’t feel that [Bravely Second] falls apart when the camera is closer.

Seeing those improvements in action will be interesting to say the least. North America hasn’t even gotten Bravely Default yet and I already want the sequel.

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