New Champion Profile Trailer for Infinite Crisis–Gaslight Joker Introduced

on May 17, 2013 10:58 AM

Gaslight Joker, the prosperous Age of Invention’s most infamous serial killer, has been officially announced today for Infinite Crisis. To check out other Infinite Crisis profiles and trailers, you can go here. The closed beta is still open as well and you can apply for that here.

Gaslight Joker is a strong, sturdy, melee terror who can churn out constant and consistent damage to enemies and absorb loads of it in return. His passive, Blood Money, allows him to restore health by picking up credits, which is especially useful since his other attacks cost health to activate and maintain. Shower of Filth inflicts the statuses Fear (causing enemies to run from the thrown ham) and Filthy (which causes enemies to take a penalty for health regeneration). His ultimate, Rat Swarm, keeps enemies close and constantly damaged and as a bonus, those inflicted with the Filthy debuff will take extra damage.

Use Gaslight Joker to keep strong enemies away and weak ones close to you, while inflicting major damage at close range. He’s a strong initiator who stays alive and healthy during major fights. Since his skills cost health, make sure to stack health when developing his stats. If you feel sturdy enough, start stacking attack as well for extra damage.

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