New Character Added to Vehicular Gladiator Game Heavy Metal Machines

New Character Added to Vehicular Gladiator Game Heavy Metal Machines

Brazilian developer Hoplon today announced a new character joining the ranks in its 4v4 visceral vehicular combat game Heavy Metal Machines — the Full Metal Judge (shown above).

Also known as “The Red Blight,” the Full Metal Judge was once captured and brainwashed by the Sect of Metal, and now his “sole purpose is to deliver justice by destroying heretics in his own twisted interpretation of redemption.” He is a new addition to the Transporter class.

Here’s a list his abilities:

  • Missile Gun: A flurry of bullets that, upon contact with the enemy, drops healing scraps to keep the Full Metal Judge alive in his pursuit of justice.
  • Blockade Breach: Perfect for charging out of tight crowd control attacks, Blockade Breach is a powerful battering ram type push forward, damaging all opponents unfortunate to find themselves in Full Metal Judge’s path.
  • Iron Storm: Full Metal Judge cranks it up another notch with his ultimate attack, showering the arena with a hail of bullets that instantly destroys any machine unfortunate enough to be within Iron Storm’s range.
  • Relentless Chaser: What doesn’t kill Full Metal Judge, absolutely makes him stronger! The lower his health, the shorter his attack cooldowns.

Heavy Metal Machines launched into closed beta earlier this month. So far, players have accumulated more than 80,000 kills. The full game will release in mid-2017 for PC. Console versions are also planned.