New Character for Super Meat Boy PC Revealed!

If you didn’t catch it, this weekend our lovely friends over at Destructoid did a charity live stream of Super Meat Boy on their channel, Public Access Destructoid.  Danny B., the composer of Super Meat Boy, is donating the sales of his soundtracks to multiple sclerosis research, as his sister, Christy, suffers from MS.  Having met the guy, he’s an upstanding gentleman, and it’s not too late to donate, so get on over to his page and  buy some of his amazing creations.

If that wasn’t incentive enough for you to give some cash, Edmund McMillen, co-creator of Super Meat Boy, gave his word that if they raised $2000, he’d reveal an all new playable character for the PC version.  With that much motivation, the Destructoid community easily raised $2000, and McMillen lived up to his word.  So who’s the new character?

A-ha, Danl called it: it’s Captain Viridian from the amazing game VVVVVV!  Of course, no news yet on how he’ll play, but I’m sure his gravity manipulating talents will be put to good use.

So that’s one down, four more new characters to go.  Personally, I’m banking on the Robot Unicorn from Robot Unicorn Attack, but that’s likely because I just want to hear that amazing song in the game.

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