New Characters, Systems, and Twitter Icons for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Quite a few updates were made to the Disgaea 5 website recently, in the “Characters,” “System,” and, “Special,” categories. The Special one is a .zip download of Twitter icons and a header image for anyone to download, which you’ll also be able to view at the bottom of this post.

On to the Character section, as two main and five generic character profiles were added.

The first is Majorita,

One of the Demon Generals who has sworn loyalty to Void Dark. She often kills allies and enemies alike, so that she can bring them back to life as obedient corpses.

Then we have Bloodis,

One of the Demon Generals who leads the Lost Army as Void Dark’s right hand. It is rumored that his power is second only to Void Dark.

As for the generic characters there is:

  • Archer: A kindhearted Netherworld hunter. She provides cover fire for her allies. Weapon of choice: bow. [Evility] Supporting Attack (Attacks an enemy unit within range when an ally unit attacks it.)
  • Lady Samurai: A maiden with a demon-exorcised sword. She specializes in fighting fiar. Weapon of choice: Sword. [Evility] Bushido (Increases damage dealt by 50% when attacking a single unit.)
  • Ninja: A calm assassin who lives in the shadows. He is adept at evading attacks. Weapon of choice: Fist, Sword, Staff. [Evility] Mirage (Increases evasion rate by 50% when attacked from an adjacent panel.)
  • Armor Knight: A soldier with an impenetrable defense. She protects allies with her superior defense. Weapon of choice: Spear. [Evility] Hero’s Shield (When defending, protects ally units from attacks.)
  • Gunner: A gunslinger with lethal speed. He specialized in teaming up with allies. Weapon of choice: Gun. [Evility] Assist (After attacking, gives subsequent ally units 100% accuracy.)

Lastly are some system details.

Item World: If you haven’t played a Disgaea game previously, every item you receive also has a infinite world inside of it that allows you to power up that item. The higher the quality of an item the more powerful the Notorious (inhabitants of the item world) will be. Special rooms in an item world offer alternative ways to power up such as:

  • [Innocent] defeat and subdue Innocent-marked inhabitants.
  • [Raiding an Alternate Netherworld] repel another Netherworld party that appears.
  • [Symbol] Destroy an item shaped symbol.
  • [Mystery Room] either a powerful enemy or purchase a special item.
  • [Bonus Unit] Unit you can acquire by meeting specific requirements.

Overload: Overlord demons have a special skill called Overload. During Revenge Mode you can use the overload skill which is unique to a character and offers enhanced stats.

Alliance Skill: main characters, if they are rivals or lovers, can activate alliance skills when next to each other. Examples given are Killia and Seraphina’s Cryo Heartbreaker; Red Magnus and Zeroken’s Cross Flame Gale; and Usalia and Christo’s Curry Break.

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