New Child of Light Related Projects on the Way

on April 13, 2015 10:49 PM

Fans of Ubisoft Montreal’s Child of Light are getting some good news today by way of a tweet from the game’s Creative Lead, Patrick Plourde.

So we know there’s more coming, though what exactly those projects entail is still a mystery.

Odds are good that one of those projects is a sequel, as the game was “profitable enough” to fund a sequel, Plourde said at GameON: Finance last November according to

Of course it also helps that the development team that made the game is now a core team at Ubisoft Montreal, and they “want to work together again, whether it’s on a small game or not” according to Ubisoft Montreal’s VP of Creative, Lionel Raynaud, in an interview with CVG.

Whatever these projects end up being, if they turn out as well as Child of Light did, there’s good reason to be excited.

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