New Club Nintendo Rewards Continue Trend of Items That Don't Suck

By Allen Park

February 10, 2011

Two new rewards have just been added to Club Nintendo recently, and they both look like some pretty awesome gets, as far as I’m concerned.

The first one is a pouch, most likely to put your DS-related hardware into for safe storage on the go. It’s made of “suede-like” material, and it’s reversible too, in case you’re in Blood or Crip territory and don’t want to get jumped because you took you hot pink DSi out of your red or blue pouch to play some more Cooking Mama. It’s available for a very reasonable 250 points.

The second one is probably the big “WANT!” of this update; it’s a reissued reproduction of the original Game &Watch: Ball handheld. Never mind the fact that the game is probably garbage; the thing looks downright sexy, like something that should be whored out in a classy nightclub in Vegas. It’s definitely as expensive as Vegas, worth a hefty 1200 points.

Both objects are extremely desirable for me. I wouldn’t mind spending some quality time alone with Game & Watch: Ball, while the reversible pouch would make a sick sack for my surf wax. Guess it’s time to register all my Nintendo products.

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