New Code Vein Trailer Goes Behind the Scenes on its Art Style and Gameplay

With Code Vein launching next month, a new trailer look behind the scenes at the game's art style and gameplay.

With Code Vein launching next month, a new trailer has been released that explains the game’s art style and combat.

“The first image I had in my head was of a modern society that had collapsed, and then I thought about the type of characters that would exist in such a world, about how interesting it would be to walk around as a character in that world,” says Hiroshi Yoshimura, a director at Bandai Namco Studios. “Vampires were the first thing that came to mind. Not the classical kind of vampire, but a more modern type of vampire, and this is an image of our concept at the time.”

Yuta Yamamoto, an associate director and content director working on Code Vein says that they wanted to use Unreal Engine for the game’s graphics. Additionally, the developers were going for more of an anime, stylistic art style rather than being photorealistic.

An aspect of the game that was tough to decide on is Code Vein‘s location. Yamamoto says that since the game places a lot of emphasis on dungeon crawling, there should be a lot of traps and structures that make things interesting. That being said, each area in the game is unique and features different enviornmental sitautions.

Like Yoshimura’s game God Eater, Code Vein also uses blood as a theme. “By using blood as a theme in this game, we are really emphasing the themes of life and death at the core of Code Vein, so we have no choice but to deal with this problem,” says Yamamoto, “in fact, since we’re using vampires in our game and blood as a theme, we began incorporating blood into many of the gameplay elements, showing gadgets acutally using blood, and depicting just how blood is drained.”

Code Vein launches on September 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is available to preorder on Amazon now.

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