New Concept Artwork and Beck’s Past in Mighty No. 9 Revealed in Latest Update

New Concept Artwork and Beck’s Past in Mighty No. 9 Revealed in Latest Update

Fans and backers of the very successful Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter are getting a treat today — a brand new update brings new concept artwork for one of the stages, along with a great breakdown of design choices from Director Koji Imaeda himself.

For instance we find out that this stage:


Mighty No. 9 (2)

Will occasionally go dark suddenly:

Mighty No. 9

Which requires players to think and maneuver strategically in order to avoid to avoid both enemies and traps littering the area. Also Imaeda reveals a bit about the actual design of the stage itself:

Offsetting the dark colors with yellow touches is meant to give the environment a tense, oppressive atmosphere. What’s running through the pipes, you might wonder? Those house a powerful current of energy that courses through the level.

And of course that tiny blue silhouette on the left side of the biggest pipe is our ever-intrepid hero Beck, there to give a sense of the massive scale intended for this level.

Finally, we get a bit of insight into the protagonist Beck’s past and personality. He’s actually a kind and somewhat timid robot who never fully showed off his capabilities during the Battle Coliseum, which lead to the other Mighty Nos. seeing him as the weak link, causing him to loose more and more self-confidence. Even when the other Mighty Nos. went berserk and Beck was the only one remaining, he still couldn’t shake his fears and anxieties until his creator Dr. White encouraged him.


Check out the gallery of screens below, which showcase the Stage Start animation. And if you’re a backer (or Becker) you can check out this link here to contribute what you think should be displayed on the screen at the start of each stage.