New Console by Microsoft and “Exciting” New PS4 and Xbox One Game Listed by Australian Retailer

New Console by Microsoft and “Exciting” New PS4 and Xbox One Game Listed by Australian Retailer

Between the pre-E3 rumors, this has to be the weirdest by far. Prominent Australian entertainment and electronics retailer Dick Smith published three extremely peculiar listings.

The first is for an “exciting new console” by Microsoft, pegged for a TBC December release. The second is for an “exciting new game” for PS4 and Xbox One by Take-Two Interactive and pegged for release on September 30th.

The game could very well be the new generation version of Grand Theft Auto V. As for the console, that’s definitely the weirdest element in this. Phil Spencer already denied the possibility of a portable console by Microsoft, but it could be a new option for the Xbox One (I would chalk a fully new home console as a completely unrealistic theory, for obvious reasons) . As a matter of fact insider Ntkrnl, who dropped a whole bunch of rumors (many of which already came true) on NeoGAF before completely disappearing, mentioned a White version of Microsoft’s new console, and the possibility of one without a disc drive. Of course it could also be a new and dirt cheap Xbox 360 SKU to carry the older console through its last years.

While Dick Smith is well known for leaking release dates with a certain precision (they did so with the Chromecast for instance), considering the nature of this rumor, it needs to be taken with a hefty grain of salt. Yet looking the nature of the retailer (which doesn’t even specialize on games) it doesn’t seem like a source that would just play a prank on us.

If there’s anything true in this, the next few days are probably the best occasion for a reveal.