New Content for El Presidente! Tropico 4’s Benevolent Dictator Gets a Green Thumb Update

on December 17, 2011 11:00 AM

The newest add on for Kalypso’s Tropico 4 has come to the Xbox 360 and PC.  It is the “Plantador” DLC pack, which in spite of its somewhat forboding sounding name, is not the name of a villain from Resident Evil 4.  In fact, it is quite the opposite, allowing El Presidentes across the globe to be a little less militaristic in their role.  The DLC adds some new buildings, missions, character traits and Sombreros for the game.  Hit the jump to see all the new things for your island!

For $4.99, or 400 Microsoft SpaceBucks, players get a few neat new things to build on their island paradise:

  • A new building: The Plantation a very large farm that can produce cash crops such as sugar, tobacco and coffee. The Plantation houses more workers and has more fields than the normal farm
  • A new character trait: Plantador — Improved agriculture production and export prices
  • A new character outfit / Awesome vanity item: Sombrero  — for both male and female El Presidentes!
  • New  decorations: Including a water reservoir, a wind propeller, a water tower and more
Not a bad haul for $5.  New buildings are always welcome in a city management game, especially one like Tropico 4, where in spite of its fun was still extremely similar to Tropico 3.  $5 isn’t an awful price either, but it might have been nice to see this content included with the core game.  Then again, the core game was already discounted at $40 on PC at release, so that is a whole new area of debate.  I think I will be picking this up however, as the new perk sounds worth it.  I’m a sucker for exporting expensive coffee, tobacco and fancy cigars.
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