New Crackdown 3 Info “On the Horizon”

New Crackdown 3 Info “On the Horizon”

Wondering where Crackdown 3 is? Don’t worry, it’s alive: and according to the game’s official Twitter page, we will have new info on it soon.

That’s right, more information about the Xbox One and PC title from Reagent Games — that was announced back at E3 in 2014, but has been radio silent for awhile now — is coming. According to the new tweet specifically, “Crackdown 3 info is on the horizon,” and the developer is ready “to bring the boom.”

Below, you can check out the tweet for yourself:

When asked on Twitter if the new Crackdown 3 info might accompany the Project Scorpio reveal this Thursday, the developer issued the following response:

The coming months could be reference to Microsoft’s E3 presser in June or it could be a curveball, and Crackdown 3 news could come tomorrow. Or it could come in-between these two things, who knows.

Crackdown 3, which was originally slated to launch last year,  is expected to hit sometime later this year.